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What is manual therapy

Manual therapy (massage therapy) is the hands-on application of various specialized techniques used to manipulate restricted areas within the fluid, blood, joints, connective tissue, and skeletal muscles of the body. Utilizing these techniques in conjunction with oils, lotions, gels, and water, it provides a sense of comfort and well-being


WHy is it so important

Manual therapy (massage therapy) is important because it allows for exercise and circulation which is vital to maintaining a balanced and healthy body. Whether you are in need of relaxation, pain relief, needing to remove toxins, or therapeutic companionship, manual therapy is becoming widespread in the healthcare industry and DFW Therapies for Special Needs and Geriatrics are well equipped to meet the needs of each client.

Make it your lifestyle

DFW Therapies for Special Needs and Geriatrics ensures that every experience that our clients receive when we visit are gratifying experiences that encourages them to want to utilize our services over and over again. We also ensure that we only make use of quality supplies (essential oil, massage oil, and lotions) and create the environment and ambiance that is relaxing and welcoming in their home or facility.

For our clients who utilizes facilities such as long-term, assisted living/retirement home, group home, and/or hospital environments are our highest priority simply because those individuals may not have access to transportation or family members to provide opportunities to be social amongst other individuals.

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